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vpshostingservice, founded in 2015, is the original Cheap Windows VPS. It is one of the few veteran merchants who focus on Windows VPS. It has been running stably for 8 years. It mainly provides cheap and affordable Windows series VPS, and all of them are 1Gbps ports with unlimited traffic. 6 major data centers are optional, including 6 major computer rooms in the United States/Netherlands/Germany. Currently, the new series of NVMe hard disk VPS can only be selected in New York and Los Angeles, the United States. There is currently a discount code. Pay with Perfect Money, friends who need foreign Windows VPS can pay attention to it.

Official Website vpshostingservice

CPU 内存 硬盘 流量 IP地址 价格 链接
1核 1G 15G SSD 未计量带宽 IPV4 $1 USD/月 链接
1核 2G 30G SSD 未计量带宽 IPV4 $2 USD/月 链接
1核 1G 15G NVME 未计量带宽 IPV4 $2 USD/月 链接

Official website promotion

The database center can be selected as follows, and $ must be added to some data:

1core 1G use promo code to get $4 off
1Core 1G 15 GB SSD Unmetered $1 per month

2core 2G use promo code to get $6 off
2Core 2G 30GB SSD Unmetered $2 per month

Please leave a message for the promotional code.
Or you can get it by registering through my AFF link.

Registration link:vpshostingservice

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